"Sou uma pessoa alegre, divertida e com um sentido de humor muito apurado. Gosto de brincar a falar a sério e falar a sério a brincar. Posso ser leve como uma brisa ou forte como uma ventania. Tenho felicidade para puder ser doce, mas também tenho amargura para puder ser fria. Sei retribuir em dobro o que fazem para me agradar. Não sei amar pela metade, gosto de ter
tudo por inteiro."
Oh, Doctor. You keep my mind afloat everyday. I hope everybody else who sees this will travel to Gallifrey, discover its beauty and fill this space with their experience there.
Visit my other friends who had been on the TARDIS, will you?
"I´m a Grenade!"

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"I won't do what you told me
I won't do what you said, no
I'm not gonna stop feeling
I'm not gonna forget

I don't wanna start over
I don't wanna pretend
You are not my lover
That you're only my friend

Cause when you took my heart
You took it all
When you gave back
It fell apart

Well maybe you're not right for me
Maybe this is hard to see
I get lost in your beauty
Then I just start questioning

You say it's easier to burn than to build
You say it's easier to hurt than to heal
But I say you lose when you give up what you love
I've lived my life without you long enough"

I won't

Colbie Caillat
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